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Barberry Health Benefits

Barberries – The Jewels of Iranian Cuisine

BARBERRY (zerešk; Barberries spp., family Berberidaceae). These little red jewels are found in the northern, eastern, and southeastern highlands of Iran (Alborz, Qaradāḡ in Azerbaijan, ranges of Khorasan, Bārez mountain in Kerman). Barberries are utilized into Donuts, Fruit Juice Shops, Rice, and some special Cakes. The barberry has got shrub with 2500-year medicinal past. Barberries are red berries which have always been one of the beneficial products around the world. Iran has got special potential in preparing Barberries and exporting it to many countries. Barberries are consumed in various cuisines including Spanish, French, Russian food.

Once you try these brilliant berries, you’ll quickly find many uses for their beautiful appearance and sweet/sour taste.

Barberry juice concentrate benefits

• Fights Infection

• Aids the GI Tract

• Prevents and Treats Diabetes

• Combats Metabolic Syndrome

 • Cleanses the Liver and Gallbladder








64.7 ~65.4

7.5 ~ 9.1

2.8 ~ 2.9

Aseptic bags in steel drums of 265kg