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  • zereshk
    Barberry juice Concentrate
  • anar
    Pomegranate juice Concentrate
  • sib
    Apple juice Concentrate
  • angor
    Red Grape juice Concentrate
  • albalo
    Cherry juice Concentrate
  • khorma
    Date juice Concentrate
  • khorma
    Orange juice Concentrate

  • 1. We supply best quality products.

    2. We assure return of investment for shareholders.

    3. We are accountable to personnel, customers, competitors and society.

    4. We contribute to developing practical researches by commercializing research achievements.

    5. We help the economy of agriculture by planning and constructing/ building factories and modern production line in agro processing industry.

    6. We contribute to the resistance economy by developing entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation.

    7. We train expert human resources as per technical needs of industries particularly agriculture. 

  • 1. We work to achieve organizational excellence.

    2. We focus on customer satisfaction.

    3. We set high value for personal and teamwork.

    4. We put social respect and responsibility on our priority list.

    5. We work by honesty and righteousness.

    6. We respect creativity, innovation and teamwork and agile activities.

    7. We safeguard safe and green environment.

  • We help all families around the globe to live healthier and happier by providing freshest, nutritious and delicious products

  • Tehran, the capital of Iran, is the home of Ŧasnatak. Our aim is to provide the best materials for top quality juices or juice mixtures from various fruits for domestic use and export to all over to world. 
    We have a broad variety of fruits and juice concentrates available, for instance, apples, red grapes, pomegranates, raspberry, sour cherry, oranges, etc.
    The assortment is diversified and offers the perfect solution for cafés, restaurant, and hotels and all over food service segments.
    Concentrates are prepared with only the finest quality fruits. No artificial coloring, flavorings or preservative added.
    Tasnatak maintains an unwavering commitment to quality. We believe that quality results from high ideals, consistent effort, intelligent leadership and skillful execution. Choosing Tasnatak is simply the wisest choice.
    Our responsive staff, reliable production and flexible logistics ensure that our products reach you in perfect condition, on time, every time.
    Tasnatak warmly welcomes all companies to have a close cooperation and joint venture.
    Ready to serve you